How to remove Deployment Version Number from static content file paths in Magento 2?

Magento provides a feature to invalidate the browser cache for static content. Magento adds a deployment version number into the URL of static files. To deploy static content we have to run setup:static-content:deploy command, this command auto change the deployment […]

How to add a custom Zip Code validation in checkout page Magento 2?

I am going to cover in this post how to customise Magento checkout page zip code validation. In Magento it is very easy to customise zip code validation using regular expressions.  In default Magento all validations regular expressions defined in […]

How to add programmatically new order status and state using Data Patch in Magento 2?

To create new order status and state follow below steps: Create folder Setup/Patch/Data in your module Create file UpdateOrderStatuses.php Implement method apply in the class UpdateOrderStatuses Run bin/magento setup:upgrade When you run Upgrade command, Magento runs your patch and it […]

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