How to drop and rename a database table in Magento 2?

Part 2: Continued to the series post of  Database operation in Magento 2. In this post, I am going to cover: how to rename and drop a database table. Rename a table: As in the last post we created a […]

How to create a database table in Magento 2?

Before Magento 2.3, required to write php scripts to create a new db schema or change in db schema. I.e. InstallData, InstallSchema etc. Magento 2.3, introduces Declarative Schema to simplify the Magento installation and upgrade processes. To create a custom […]

Magento Coding Standard

In this post we are going to cover Magento coding standards for custom coding or any 3rd party extensions which have been used in the project. The Magento core development team itself uses PHP_CodeSniffer to follow a set of defined […]

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