How to add or drop a column from a table in Magento 2?

Part 3: to continue series of database operation, how to add a column or delete a column from database table in Magento 2 using declarative schema. Add a column to Table: Modify your module db_schema.xml file to add a new […]

How to drop and rename a database table in Magento 2?

Part 2: Continued to the series post of  Database operation in Magento 2. In this post, I am going to cover: how to rename and drop a database table. Rename a table: As in the last post we created a […]

How to create a database table in Magento 2?

Before Magento 2.3, required to write php scripts to create a new db schema or change in db schema. I.e. InstallData, InstallSchema etc. Magento 2.3, introduces Declarative Schema to simplify the Magento installation and upgrade processes. To create a custom […]

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